TED Circles

TED Circles is an open platform of small groups that meet for conversations about ideas.

Hosted by volunteers, these weekly or monthly gatherings empower us to dream and debate. Each TED Circle is unique and all are virtually connected through the TED Circles platform – making it possible for local conversations to reach a global scale.

The pilot program (September-November 2019) will shape how the program expands in January 2020.

TED Circles
hosted by TEDxSeoul

TEDxSeoul is thrilled to co-create the new TED Circles initiative with the TED community. Together we will build a global movement to connect people and conversations through the power of ideas. More than 150 volunteers in over 40 countries stepped up to host TED Circles — an incredible response that speaks to the passion and the potential of this initiative!

At TedxSeoul, we talked about ‘World of wonder’ while watching Greta Thunber’s talk at TEDxStockholm in September. In October, we talked about ‘How to be a better human’ and watched “How Apologies Kill Our confidence” by Professor Jaja Jovanovic. Surprisingly, Professor Maja Jovanovic sent a special video for TEDxSeoul to encourage the community.

Professor Maja sends her 안녕하세요!(hello) to the TED Circles attendees in Seoul!

We will gather around and talk about ‘Justice and society’ and watch ‘We need to talk about an injustice’ by Bryan Stevenson, who is a human rights lawyer who made a talk at TED in 2012.

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See you at TED Circles!