: 'starting over'

The Changes brought by COVID-19 are painful and uncomfortable, but they are also another opportunity. How can we prepare for the COVID-19 era?

At TEDxSeoulSalon in May, we’d like to listen to the voices of people who have insights into reality, create new alternatives, but show things they shouldn’t miss. Please breathe new insights into your tired mind due to social distancing.

* TEDxSeoulSalon is a small-scale salon event that can be viewed online by anyone on the day of the event.

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The Talks & Speakers

Speaker 1

Jerome Kim


Director General of International Vaccine Institute(IVI) talks about vaccines to to make the world a better place.

Aancod Zaccarelli


Singer-songwriter performs about freedom and adventure “The Show Must Go On”.

Speaker 3

Jungyoon Jeong


Social venture for people with hearing loss — “Sign language as ‘common language’ in everyone’s daily life”

Speaker 4

Jinyong Kim


Proposer of COVID19 drive-through test — “Are you ready for the ‘new normal’ after the COVID19?” 

Speaker 5

Namgi Park


South Korea’s educational system after the COVID19 — “Future is what we are building today”

The Partners